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Friday, November 2, 2007

Ode to retired heroes

If you watch closely you can see his boldness, the pathologically single, testicle infatuated We.

Sweet...! :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

down to Earth

Couldn't imagine a better way to describe the essence of this exercise in bla-bla ... whatever-ist exorcism.
Borrowed without permission from
(sorry, Kamn!)
Neil Armstrong meets Jesus Christ at what appears to be Superman's home. Now this is the kind of postcard I would send to my grandmother! Always new there was something fishy about that Moon landing.... see how the shades don't match a single powerful light source (i.e. the sun)? [... goblins lurking in the shadows...muhahaha ]
Other common interpretations of this could be "Tom Hanks meets Jim Caviezel at Christopher Reeve's place" Moon's the limit in terms of cast, once we're clear on the dramatis personae.
Reflect on the importance of setting up a blog in order to refrain oneself from placing ones testicles in a blender and hitting the start button out of boredom. Oh well, I guess mind IS a prison.

goblins must have taken over the world while I was asleep

Start up your day with a healthy 40 Q&A on corporate conduct policy!

Happy, happy faces ticking away in the likes of “Are you planning to or have you ever been in a three-way? Were there any midgets involved?” Please note that “Employees should not waste company time or abuse it to handle personal activities or make personal phone calls.…damn… did it again... Bitte Schlag mich, ich bin so langweilig...